The Thorn Bearer reviews

A stunning debut, The Thorn Bearer is a hauntingly beautiful tale of how the heart-wrenching shadows of the past can usher us into the Light.
Pepper Basham masterfully infused a dark and daring subject with such depth and power, that it lingers in your mind long after the last page.Julie Lessman, award winning author of The Daughters of Boston series

Dealing with the bravery it takes to work past dark secrets and misplaced guilt The Thorn Bearer is more than a historical romance; it’s also a story about God’s ability to redeem souls and conquer strongholds. Pepper Basham’s writing is heartbreakingly raw at times, but always beautiful because of the redemptive scope of the story.” — Dawn Crandall, author of The Hesitant Heiress, The Bound Heart and The Captive Imposter

A disclaimer – I’m not a huge historical fiction fan. So when I find one that resonates with me, it’s a keeper. Pepper Basham’s The Thornbearer is definitely one of those books. I was enthralled from the beginning. The historical details are wonderfully woven throughout the story and the setting so real I felt I was actually there. And the characters … even the one I didn’t like had grabbed my heart by the end of the story. Wonderfully story-telling, a realistic faith journey, memorable prose and a dry wit that I appreciate very much all make this book one I won’t soon forget. Highly recommended.Cathy West, award-winning author of Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

An ambitious and well-told debut novel, Basham’s strengths are most evident in her dialogue and the seamless integration of historical detail in her deftly woven fictional tapestry. The sparks between Ashleigh and Sam spark from the moment they first share page time and flicker and buzz throughout. Altogether, Basham’s prose, spunk and spirit—not to mention her capability for tackling broad historical topics— are a joy to behold. I am looking forward to more from this clever voice. – Rachel McMillan, reviewer and author of The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder


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