The Thorn Bearer – Characters

These photos are provided as ‘examples’ of how I see the characters in this novel. Some of the characteristics will be very similar to what is portrayed in the novels, and some will be a little different.



Ashleigh Dougall is the heroine of this novel. Faithful, compassionate, with a quiet strength, she harbors a deep pain from her childhood. Her desire to serve children and help the wounded from The Great War serves a purpose of her nature but also gives her some control over thAshleighDougall (2)e pain and bitterness digging away at her heart.

She is a loyal friend, guided by self-sacrifice, with a sweet sense of humor.

Sam Miller has been Ashleigh’s friend for years. When his fiance, Ashleigh’s sister, breaks off their engagement via letter, Sam is determiend to get to the bottom of it, in person. He joins Ashleigh on her trek across the Atlantic. But when tragedy strikes, their friendship begins to slide into a direction neither expected.

Sam is a faithful friend, but once wounded it is difficult for him to forgive. In The Thorn Bearer, he gets the chance to realize how everyone is broken and in need of forgiveness.henry (2)



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