The Thorn Keeper

TheThornKeeper 500x750September 1916 – Derbyshire, England

 Unforgiveness leads to shame and despair but Forgiveness leads to healing and hope.

A fallen woman and a WW1 doctor discover that the heart can always remember what the mind may forget and that God never forgets his own.

Catherine Dougall made mistakes that changed her future. Now she suffers the consequences of her choices and her decreased situation in society.

Dr. David Ross wants to use his skills and passion to save the wounded filtering in from the Western Front, but funds are low and the pressure to meet those demands continues to increase. A wager from his powerful aunt poses a possible way to meet his dreams but destroy his budding relationship with Catherine and her family.

From the war hospitals of England and the trenches of France, Catherine and David learn of God’s forgiveness of our deepest sins, His overpowering grace to give us gifts greater than they ever imagined, and the strength of ao love that never forgets.

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